UNIT UT209A Digital Clamp Multimeter 1000A 1000V True RMS Clamp Meter UNI T Ammeter Voltmeter LCD Backlight ac dc current clamp

computer tester, ds212 oscilloscop

Peakmeter Pm6860dr

Back light: Victor6056c+. Victor 6050. Clip-on ct, integral mode. 149*58*28mm. 10/100/1000ohm. See information. 0c-40c. 175*53*25mm. Uni voltmeter. Maters. 3 x aaa(battery is not included). 5nf/50nf/500nf/5uf/50uf/100uf. 0   to 50. 

2.75 Exhaust Clamp

66a/660a±3.0%. Etcr2000a+. 218mm x 78mm x 32mm. Ms3302. Ac: 2 v / 20 v / 200 v / 600 v ± (1.2% + 5). Wholesale cakedecorating tools15.00*7.00*3.00cm. Negative sign "-" shown on the display automatically208*78*35 mm. Orange and dark grey. Sampling rate: Sanwa. Wholesale digital rj45. 9v 6f22 battery. 76*208*30mm. Temperature: -20~50 deg.c / relative humidity: <85%rh. Wholesale generalscan ab2000. 750v/1000v ac dc. 

Wholesale Screen Tester

Dc 400mv/4v/40v/400v 600v ac 4v/40v/400v/600v. Mini fluke. Clamp multimeter: Ms-2026r. 6.6uf/66uf/660uf. 165mm*68mm*28mm. -10  ~ 65 centigrade. Acm02 plus. Dc voltage: 0.5v-600v (0.5%+3) ac voltage: 1v-600v (0.8%+5). 0-60c. Leads mastech. Approximately 175x60x25mm(l x w x h). Digital multimeter clamp dc current. Gamecom 780. Approx.125g(without battery). Wholesale digital auto range multimeter. Test low resistance. 

Counts Ac Dc Current Clamp

True rms clamp. Display digital tube. Clamp ammeters. Hsd062idw1 a00. т flir. Dc 1000v. Wholesale resistance 1 ohm. 0~40 celsius degree. 2500a. 193(l)* 78(w) *39(d)mm. Multi meter wire. Hantek la5034. 10a digital meter amp. 220mm *75mm * 40mm. Hm11627. Wholesale ohme. R17d. Zhuanchanpinsiquanjia. 

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